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By Carrie Winstanley Having to write a dissertation proposal depends upon the university or institution that you’re attending. Even if a dissertation proposal isn’t a requirement, however, it’s a very useful exercise (and is certainly going to impress your supervisor, especially if it’s not part of your assessment). This material is presented to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and cal work. Copyrht and all rhts therein are retained by authors or by other copyrht holders.
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There is nothing better than waking up to a hearty, delicious breakfast to start your day (especially when it’s made FOR you by someone else). We are experts in preparing breakfasts you will remember for a lifetime! Welche Herausforderungen lösen wir mit unserer So Ar Co? ▪ Die Zukunft wird ausgehend von dem entstehenden Feld der Möglichkeiten und dem, was emergieren möchte, gestaltet und gibt Raum für Innovationen, die über derzeite gesellschaftliche Paradmen hinausgehen (transcend and include).
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Personal Background Many books have assembled facts, reasonable suppositions, traditions, and speculations concerning the life and career of William Shakespeare. Taken as a whole, these materials give a rather comprehensive picture of England's foremost dramatic poet. It is important, however, that persons interested in Shakespeare distinguish between facts and beliefs about his life. From one point of view, modern scholars are fortunate to know as much as they do about a man of middle-class origin who left a small English country town and embarked on a professional career in sixteenth-century London. From another point of view, they know surprisingly little about the writer who has continued to influence the English language and its drama and poetry for more than three hundred years. Sparse and scattered as these facts of his life are, they are sufficient to prove that a man from Stratford by the name of William Shakespeare wrote the major portion of the thirty-seven plays that scholars ascribe to him. No one knows the exact date of William Shakespeare's birth. His father was John Shakespeare, a tanner, glover, dealer in grain, and town official of Stratford; his mother, Mary, was the daughter of Robert Arden, a prosperous gentleman-farmer. Under a bond dated November 28, 1582, William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway entered into a marriage contract. The baptism of their eldest child, Susanna, took place in Stratford in May 1583. One year and nine months later, their twins, Hamnet and Judith, were christened in the same church. The parents named them for the poet's friends Hamnet and Judith Sadler. Early in 1596, William Shakespeare, in his father's name, applied to the College of Heralds for a coat of arms. Although positive proof is lacking, there is reason to believe that the Heralds granted this request, because in 1599, Shakespeare again made application for the right to quarter his coat of arms with that of his mother. Entitled to her father's coat of arms, Mary had lost this privilege when she married John Shakespeare before he held the official status of "gentleman." In May 1597, Shakespeare purchased New Place, the outstanding residential property in Stratford at that time. Because John Shakespeare had suffered financial reverses prior to this date, William must have achieved success for himself. Court records show that in 1601 or 1602, William Shakespeare began rooming in the household of Christopher Mountjoy in London. Subsequent disputes between Mountjoy and his son-in-law, Stephen Belott, over Stephen's wedding settlement led to a series of legal actions, and in 1612, the court scribe recorded Shakespeare's deposition of testimony relating to the case. In July 1605, William Shakespeare paid four hundred and forty pounds for the lease of a large portion of the tithes on certain real estate in and near Stratford. This was an arrangement whereby Shakespeare purchased half the annual tithes, or taxes, on certain agricultural products from sections of land in and near Stratford. In addition to receiving approximately ten percent income on his investment, he almost doubled his capital. This was possibly the most important and successful investment of his lifetime, and it paid a steady income for many years. Shakespeare was next mentioned in historical records when John Combe, a resident of Stratford, died on July 12, 1614. To his friend, Combe bequeathed the sum of five pounds. These records and similar ones are important, not because of their economic significance, but because they prove the existence of a William Shakespeare in Stratford and in London during this period. On March 25, 1616, William Shakespeare revised his last will and testament. His body lies within the chancel and before the altar of the Stratford church. A rather wry inscription is carved upon his tombstone: Good Friend, for Jesus' sake, forbear To dig the dust enclosed here; Blest be the man that spares these stones And curst be he that moves my bones. The last direct descendant of William Shakespeare was his granddaughter, Elizabeth Hall, who died in 1670. Career Highlights In similar fashion, the evidence establishing William Shakespeare as the foremost playwright of his day is positive and persuasive. Robert Greene's Groatsworth of Wit, in which he attacked Shakespeare, a mere actor, for presuming to write plays in competition with Greene and his fellow playwrights, was entered in the Stationers' Register on September 20, 1592. In 1594, Shakespeare acted before Queen Elizabeth, and in 15, his name appeared as one of the shareholders of the Lord Chamberlain's Company. Francis Meres, in his Palladis Tamia (a work of criticism published in 1598), called Shakespeare "mellifluous and honey-tongued" and compared his comedies and tragedies with those of Plautus and Seneca in excellence. Shakespeare's continued association with Burbage's company is equally definite. His name appears as one of the owners of the Globe Theatre in 1599. On May 19, 1603, he and his fellow actors received a patent from James I designating them as the King's Men and making them Grooms of the Chamber. Late in 1608 or early in 1609, Shakespeare and his colleagues purchased the Blackfriars Theatre and began using it as their winter location when weather made production at the Globe inconvenient. Other specific allusions to Shakespeare, to his acting and his writing, occur in numerous places. Put together, they form irrefutable testimony that William Shakespeare of Stratford and London was the leader among Elizabethan playwrights. One of the most impressive of all proofs of Shakespeare's authorship of his plays is the First Folio of 1623, with the dedicatory verse that appeared in it. John Heminge and Henry Condell, members of Shakespeare's own company, stated that they collected and issued the plays as a memorial to their fellow actor. Many contemporary poets contributed eulogies to Shakespeare; one of the best known of these poems is by Ben Jonson, a fellow actor and, later, a friendly rival. The question of authorship aside, Shakespeare had an illustrious career in London as both actor and playwright from the 1580s until the 1610s. He began by writing a series of history plays that were meant to chronicle England's past — an ambitious undertaking for a young man. During a forced closure of the theaters in 1592 because of an outbreak of the plague, Shakespeare wrote a long poem, Venus and Adonis. This was not his final effort at poetry: Over his career, he wrote a number of long poems, as well as a series of sonnets, which were popular in Elizabethan England. Shakespeare's sonnets were significant for their addressees (a young man and a dark lady), the subject matter, and the complexity of his metaphorical language. Generally, the early part of Shakespeare's career was taken up, aside from history plays, with writing comedies. One exception, Romeo and Juliet, written in 15, is known as a broken-back play because its beginning is comic and after the murder of Mercutio, it takes on tragic tones. In addition, Shakespeare wrote a straightforward revenge tragedy, Titus Andronicus. Until recently, this play was considered not up to the quality of his later plays, but its reputation has been reclaimed to some degree. In 1599, Julius Caesar was likely the first play to be performed at the newly built Globe Theatre. At the time, England was concerned about questions of unclear succession and consequent civil strife because Queen Elizabeth had neither provided nor named an heir. It is no surprise then, that Shakespeare turned to ancient Rome and their problems with leadership and violence to explore current issues of concern. During this period, from 1596 to 1604, Shakespeare continued to write comedies, but they gradually began to take on darker tones and, in fact, were not pure comedy but tragi-comedy. The darkness of his writing also took expression in a series of his greatest tragedies such as Hamlet (1600-1601), Othello (1604), King Lear (1605), Macbeth (1606), and Antony and Cleopatra (1606- 1607). As Shakespeare's career came to an end, he began to write what are now called his romances. Harkening back to more traditional romance motifs of quests, magical events, and great lessons learned, these plays are concerned with questions of religion and show a recognition that it is a younger generation who will affect the future. Shakespeare continued to write until 1613, but his works after the romances are often collaborations, reflecting his retirement from the fray. In a career spanning three decades, William Shakespeare provided works that became the basis of the Western canon of literature and that resonate with meaning for audiences to this day. Removing #book# from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title. Are you sure you want to remove #book Confirmation# and any corresponding bookmarks? Personal Background Many books have assembled facts, reasonable suppositions, traditions, and speculations concerning the life and career of William Shakespeare. Taken as a whole, these materials give a rather comprehensive picture of England's foremost dramatic poet.
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This small formal garden is dedicated to the memory of Michael Walsh, a gardener from North Wales, who came to work in 1875 on the Joseph Story Fay estate in Woods Hole. It was here that Walsh hybridized many world famous Rambler roses. The garden contains several varieties of Walsh’s Ramblers trained along fences. Prescriptive and Narrative Nonfiction including parenting, relationships, women’s issues, personal growth, health & wellness, science, business, true crime, animals, pop culture, humor, cookbooks, gift books, spirituality, metaphysical, psychology, and self-help. Christian nonfiction: Intelligent, thoughtful Christian books. Prescriptive and narrative nonfiction: business, psychology, and self-help, parenting, relationships, women’s issues, personal growth, health & wellness, science, animals, pop culture, humor. Fiction: young adult fiction, Christian fiction.: short, one-page, focused synopsis of the story showing the beginning, middle and end, along with the first chapter (no prologues) to: arlimyst(at)[NOTE] appears new and short on sales, but eager to promote her clients. : Fiction queries must include a brief author's bio, and the setup or premise for the book - you can skip the synopsis. Snail mail or email queries (please start the subject line with "Query"). Robert Astle robert(at), Adam Chromy, adam(at), Michelle Wolfson michelle(at)artistsandartisans.comcommercial fiction and non-fiction, literary fiction, thrillers, women's fiction, mysteries, narrative and political non-fiction, academic and historical non-fiction, romance, suspense, business and how-to non-fiction, and young adultpopular culture/entertainment, political science, diet/fitness & health, cookbooks, psychology, business, memoir, and highly creative nonfiction, as well as accessible literary fiction, women's fiction, and high concept mysteries and thrillers.: Email submissions(at) A detailed summary (one to two paragraphs only); a chapter outline (for nonfiction only); a brief paragraph explaining who you are and why you have chosen to write this particular book; The first 1,000 words or first chapter (note: this must be pasted within the body of your email; all emails with unsolicited attachments will be deleted without being read) The total page or word count of your completed manuscript.: online flash-based submission form at website. Snail mail send query letter, bio, 40 sample pages, plot synopsis, SASE. [Or, perhaps for non-fiction, unclear:] Proposal including concept statement, potential endorsements, about the book, about the author, about the market/competition, about promotion, production details, book table of contents & chapter summaries. [Note: beautiful to look at but difficult to navigate flash-based site.] Literary and commercial fiction and serious nonfiction, including psychology, biography, history, women's issues, social and political issues, cultural criticism, as well as art, architecture, photography, fashion and design. Fiction for women, historical and multicultural stories, as well as mysteries and thrillers: No unsolicited manuscripts. Send cover letter, description of the project, author biography. Fiction Submissions: One-page synopsis and two sample chapters. Non-fiction Submissions: Send proposal with overview, chapter outline, author biography, two sample chapters and short profile of competition. NOT illustrated, photographic or children's picture books, genre fiction such as fantasy, science fiction, romance, horror, mystery, US political thrillers, suspense, poetry, nor original screenplays for theatre, film or television: a cover letter with a brief description of the book and information about you (past publications, awards won or nominations); a sample chapter (or for non-fiction, a detailed outline and chapter breakdown); SASE (Canadian postage) or your e-mail address. Send a one-page email query letter to shoffman(at)with the word “Query” and the name of your book in the subject line.. NOT Children's, Science Fiction and/or Fantasy, Young Adult, Christian, Westerns, Mysteries, Poetry, Romance, Prescriptive ("How to") Travel, or Prescriptive Business books, original plays, teleplays, or screenplays. Include your name and contact information (including email), the date, the type of project (genre), the word count, gratuitous flattery, a brief summary of the project, if any editors have seen the info, personal information (books published, MFA, articles written, etc.), and a full synopsis of no more than 10 pages and SASE. any book about a time, place, or group of people that hasn’t been extensively written about; political, historical, or science-based nonfiction; excellent literary SF or Fantasy; heartbreaking memoirs; website or blog-based books; drop-dead funny nonfiction; first novels. NOT: serial killers, children in peril (kidnapped, etc.), or those dealing with the events of September 11, 2001. Send to: Paige Wheeler (New York office, above address). I also avoid subjects like rape, suicide, and manic-depression; and thrillers in which there's some terrorist organization bent on destroying America or the world. intelligent women’s fiction (including erotica and historical/ paranormal romance but not category romance), Southern fiction, edgy crime novels, dynamic novels of historical fiction and young adult fiction.. Preferably, send query via e-mail with QUERY in the subject line. By email: In the subject line include your name and the title of the work or "Query." Include cover letter and first page. Snail mail, include SASE (no mention of what else, but assume cover letter or proposal). For fiction, please include in your query your contact information; any prior literary credits including previously published books or short stories, MFA programs, awards/grants, and/or any prior representation; a short synopsis of the book; manuscript status; and word count. For non-fiction, please include contact information; a short overview of the book; the manuscript status; a short description of yourself (including credentials that relate to the topic of the book); target audience; and any marketing/promotion ideas or connections that you have in media; and word count. jculver(at)By snail mail, include SASE, Julie Culver at New York address (above). Fiction: commercial, women's fiction, historical fiction, psychological thrillers, suspense, women's fiction (esp. sassy Southern and/or British heroines), young adult. Non-fiction: cookbooks, biographies, business, women's issues, self-help. Snail mail a query letter, synopsis and the first 30 pages of your manuscript (for fiction) or proposal (for nonfiction). Query letter should include your name and contact information (including email), the date, the type of project (genre), the word count, a brief summary, the names of editors who have seen the info, personal information (books published, MFA, articles written, awards, etc.), and a full synopsis of no more than 10 pages. If you have sold previously, I'd like sales information about your books. Fiction: science fiction and fantasy, borderline horror (think really dark fantasy, not slasher fic), young adult, children's (only middle-grade), historical romance (especially Regency romances), and paranormal romance. Your query letter should include your name and contact information (including email), the date, the type of project (genre), the word count, a brief summary of the project, if any editors have seen the info, a bit of personal information about yourself (books published, MFA, articles written, etc.), and a full synopsis of no more than 10 pages. e-mail: jrappaport(at)Biography, Health/Beauty/ Parenting African-American, History, Historical Nonfiction, Hispanic/Latino, Law, Lifestyle, and Sports, Women's Issues. Non-fiction: history, creative non-fiction, memoir. NOT: mystery, thrillers, contemporary romance, erotica, literary, picture books, screenplays, poetry, self-help, business, how-to, religion. Fiction - Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Chick-Lit, Fiction for the 20-30 crowd, Mainstream Fiction, African-American Fiction, Multicultural Fiction, Latino/Hispanic Fiction by Latino/Hispanic authors, Romance (Contemporary, Inspirational, African-American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Multicultural, Romantic Suspense, and Military Romance) Non-Fiction Snail mail. Summary, complete table of contents, two sample chapters, analysis of the target market. [NOTE: this is a link to another listing site, but seemed complete enough to justify linking.] : Choose specific agent. Non-fiction: current affairs, narrative, biography and memoir, lifestyle, self-help, social sciences, gender, history, health, pop culture, classical music, sports, humor and women's issues. E-mail queries to info(at)include "query" in the subject line. Fiction: literary fiction with commercial appeal and strong screen potential. Snail mail: Query letter, may include the first five pages and a one page synopsis, if available. NOT: romance, coffee table books, art books, trivia, westerns, occult and supernatural, horror, poetry, textbooks, children’s books, picture books, film scripts, articles, cartoons and professional manuals.: Snail mail: address to specific agent. (SASE)narrative nonfiction, memoir, popular science, health, nature, parenting, psychology, practical business, how-to/self-help, pop culture, humor, television, popular reference, and just about anything that is fresh and provocative How: For snail mail: query letter brief summary (fiction), describe scope (non-fiction), and tell us a little about yourself, why you're writing the project, and credentials you have for writing the book in question. Cover letter (who you are, past credits or celebrity status, what your project is a summary paragraph is good, and whether you have submitted this project to the entire publishing community already, outline or brief synopsis, word count, sample chapter, SASE. miriam(at), sglick(at), mbourret(at), jmccarthy(at), labramo(at), cmilgrom(at) Commercial fiction, including women’s fiction, mysteries and thrillers. Women's fiction includes: romance, chick lit, romantic suspense, historical romance, sweet romance, erotic, dark romance, gothic. Multicultural, paranormal and fantasy romances but not time travel or inspirational stories. Various types of mysteries including cozies, hard-boiled. If you have ideas for other books, mention up to three of them. Please use conventional mail for all other submissions: your proposal, the first three chapters of a narrative book and a two-page synopsis after the text, or the complete manuscript on an exclusive basis. [NOTE] It is difficult from the website to determine whether they have specific genres or whether they handle all types. Various types of thrillers, legal, medical, etc.: Query includes overview similar to back cover copy. : Fiction, synopsis, the first three chapters (~ 50-100 pages). Agent(at)Ethan Fiction: thrillers, suspense, mysteries, romance, mainstream, action/adventure, Christian. Sam, ss(at); Matt, mm(at); Ellen, eg(at)Non fiction only. Brief bio including publications (where, when, who) and other relevant information. Nonfiction, book proposal with outline, sample material, an author bio. Non-fiction: how-to, self-help, law, true crime, current affairs, popular culture, women's issues, biography, history, travel, sports, politics, entertainment, spiritual and inspirational. Narrative, lifestyle and reference titles in: technology, popular science, current events, health and fitness, photography, business, parenting, travel, cooking, gardening, and the like: Snail mail. Screenplays.romance (romantic suspense, sexy contemporary, paranormal, multicultural and YA), mystery (cozy, thriller, and hardboiled), commercial fiction, literary fiction, multicultural fiction, narrative nonfiction and memoircutting-edge issues, narrative nonfiction, high quality commercial fiction and literary fiction, memoir, multicultural and international studies, women's studies, film and theater, cultural and sociological issues, religion (but not new-age), science, health and business.: Email, send a project description and brief biographical information including publishing credits if any to the appropriate agent. Non-fiction, proposal, 1-2 sample chapters, SASE and email. Fiction, first 15-20 pages, author bio, synopsis, SASE and email. Chiildren's Picture books or graphic novel: full ms. Middle Grade Y/A: first 20 pages, author bio, SASE and email address. Email query: Adult, query(at); Children's : kidsquery(at) Snail mail. One page query in email AND a fiction or non-fiction proposal prepared as a Microsoft Word document and sent as an attachment. Fiction, unpublished author, send cover letter, a 5-10-page synopsis, the first three chapters, and SASE. Nonfiction, unpublished, cover letter describing your background, a table of contents, a detailed outline, the first three chapters, market analysis and description of intended audience, marketing plan and SASE. (Yes, they request attachments.) The contents of the attachment are particular and detailed at Americana, art & architecture, biography, civil war (US), cooking & foods, crafts, equine, also: anthropology & archaelogy, gardening, government & politics, house & home, humanities, Native American, regional, religion, scholarly, social sciences, sociology, translation, women's issues & studies, writing. : email query including description, not to exceed two pages in length, intended genre or market, number of words, brief bio. [Note: could not locate email address on website.] literary and commercial fiction, graphic novels, humor, popular culture, social science, travel, and art, fashion, and design. For fiction, especially mystery, science fiction, horror, and satire, anything with a provocative point of view and an irreverent sensibility. Adult non-fiction: art, anthropology, architecture, animals, biography, body, mind and spirit, culture, food, health, nature, travel, indigenous cultures, memoirs, religion, and material that makes a new connection between formal science and the inner man. Non-fiction: Americana, art & architecture, biography, Civil War (US), cooking & foods, crafts, equine, also: anthropology & archaelogy, gardening, government & politics, house & home, humanities, Native American, regional, religion, scholarly, social sciences, sociology, translation, women's issues & studies, writing. nonfiction smartly tailored personal letter attached to 30 to 50 pages of good material from the book, full proposal with project overview, author bio, chapter summaries, and two sample chapters. Fiction: chick lit, contemporary, gothic, gothic romance, historical, historical romance, literary, mainstream, mystery, regency romance, regional, romance, romantic suspense, western. Fiction, please send a one-page synopsis and 30 to 35 pages of good material from the book. Carlisle, George Lucas, Matthew Guma, David Forrer, Catherine Drayton, Eleanor Jackson, Alexis Hurley, Pilar Queen, Celine Texier-Rose, Susanna Schell. query(at) Snail mail concise query letter including brief summary or synopsis, pertinent relevant author information, including writing history and resume. General fiction, thrillers, "action, adventure, big drama rights for movies." Non-fiction: biography, business/investing/finance, mind/body/spirit, health, lifestyle, true stories and narrative non-fiction for features or TVFiction: romance, chick lit, romantic suspense, mystery, suspense, horror, women's fiction, and literary fiction. Include sample chapter, email address, word count and SASE. For non-fiction work include marketing platform, what makes you qualified to write about your subject, and media contacts or speaking engagements. 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Tony Outhwaite has a separate address at: Midpoint Trade Books, 27 West 20th St., New York, NY 10011. Fiction: literary fiction, crime fiction, thrillers, women’s fiction, chick lit, graphic novels. [NOTE:] site says no new submissions until September 30th. Non-fiction: memoir, biography, history, science, business, pop culture, music, photo essays. Special interests: Pacific Northwest, death penalty issues, justice issues, contemporary music, plus anything weird, eclectic, off beat and strange. Here's a great quote from Reid's website: "The best way to stand out in the crowd here is by following the directions." This reminds me of Thurber describing his years requiring military marching drills. Due to poor eyesight he flunked his exercises again and again. Finally, after one particularly rigorous marching drill which included many turns, he found himself pointed in a 180 degree direction from the other cadets. He was singled out by the instructor, saying, "There is the only man who did it right." Two lessons: persistence and follow instructions. literary fiction and commercial fiction, including women's fiction, non-category thrillers and suspense and selectively, mysteries. Nonfiction, groundbreaking new ideas, research-based books with new perspectives on issues, books by experts and leaders in psychology, business, health and medicine, women's issues, philosophy, science, history, religion and spirituality.: snail mail only. For nonfiction: A detailed overview outlining project and a sample chapter. For fiction: query letter, ten to fifteen pages of text. General query letter guidelines: Address it to particular agent. Include your writing and relevant professional credentials, book summary, use your voice (but professional), keep it under two pages. Dos and don'ts at: narrative nonfiction of almost any subject, especially history, pop culture, participatory journalism, adventure, science and Christian spirituality. Material with marketing platform, and material first tested in newspaper and magazines. Fiction: Edgy voice, regardless of subject or genre. Writers with minority backgrounds and unusual experiences and perspectives, paranormal romance, and "domestic realism."Women’s fiction and romances, literary thrillers, crime novels and historical fiction. Narrative nonfiction in the categories of history, quirky titles about a unique topic, science and Christian spirituality.: email only. Include contact info, title of book and word count. queries(at)Include "query" in the subject line, and specify agent. Note previous publications and relevant writing experience.: Snail mail. Query with cover letter explaining book and your qualifications to write it, a two-page synopsis, two sample chapters, your CV or publication history, and SASE. romance (especially contemporary, erotica, historical, gotic, time travel, paranormal, futuristic, science fiction, and romantic suspense sub-genres), chick lit, lad lit, women's fiction, young adult, commercial fiction, and literary and multicultural fiction. Some nonfiction business and finance, self-help, how-to and psychology, entertainment and media, health, and inspirational/religiousliterary (with a commercial bent), commercial mainstream, women's fiction, chick lit (all types including paranormal, mystery, young adult, etc.), romance (types listed are contemporary, historical, suspense, thriller, romantic comedy, paranormal/time travel, science fiction/futuristic, and fantasy with romantic elements), some science fiction, fantasy, young adult/middle grade, (must be high concept and have a commercial bent), memoir, narrative nonfiction on all topics. NOT: screenplays, short story collections, poetry, horror, mystery (unless chick lit), thriller, children’s picture books, any nonfiction except as listed above, or material for the Christian/inspirational market. Nonfiction: parenting, history, cooking, foods, nutrition, crafts, beauty, how-to, gardening, war, health, medicine, psychology; fiction: science fiction/fantasy, women’s fiction, thrillers/mystery/crime and general fiction. Genre fiction including science fiction, fantasy, romance, westerns, thrillers, and horror. Or by snail mail to Attn: SUBMISSIONS at above address. Narrative and journalistic non-fiction, history, biography, business, computers, medicine, and science.: Email. short narrative biography, your education, anything to help sell the manuscript including professional credentials and a list of publications. query(at)Specific labelling instructions for queries are given at: : Query package should include cover letter with contact information, brief summary of book in single paragraph, book's title and word count. [NOTE: LJK presents specific and extensive guidelines for submissions. On a separate page, author's credentials including previously published books, short stories, writing contests or awards won, relevant professional background. These can be found as a pdf file at: .]: For snail mail, non-fiction include query letter, proposal or project overview and SASE. A two-to-five page synopsis single-spaced and cover the entire book. For snail mail fiction include cover letter, synopsis, or first 50 pages. For nonfiction proposals include detailed information on your platform, and any special access you might have to potential readers through media or speaking engagements.: Snail mail. Describe the material as well as relevant author background. Can submit via electronic form on submissions page. Include brief summary or synopsis and any pertinent author information, including relevant writing history. Email submissions not mentioned although email addresses are given at the site. fiction, specializing in thrillers, crime novels, mysteries and suspense, and women's fiction. Fiction: beautifully-written with a great, original concept and unique voice. Query letter including opening line stating the purpose of the letter and how you found out about me; a paragraph describing the manuscript, including both the plot or subject and the themes; also include a paragraph describing your author credentials. Adult nonfiction including biography, current affairs, economics, history, humor/gift/novelty, Jewish topics, media/entertainment, mind/body/spirit, politics, popular science, self-help/how-to, young adult non-fiction. Fiction: YA dealing with contemporary teen issues and young adult fantasy also genre fiction. Email query, Non-fiction and fiction: include only query letter with no attachments. Adult fiction including inspirational, literary fiction, multicultural fiction (African-American, Asian-American, African, immigrant, Latin American, Middle-Eastern), mysteries/thrillers, women's fiction, juvenile/young adult, picture books, chapter books.: Snail mail only. Non-fiction: business, personal finance, career books, women's issues, social issues, spirituality, psychology, health, pop culture, forgotten history and narrative non-fiction.: For Fiction: Mail a query letter, short synopsis, first five pages and SASE. Fiction: send the first twenty pages and a synopsis along with a detailed letter about your publication history and the history of the project. For non-fiction: query letter, proposal or project overview SASE. Nonfiction queries: send book proposal and sample chapters, along with a detailed letter about your publication history and the history of the project. Trade nonfiction including current affairs, popular culture, popular psychology, popular reference, music, science, how-to, self-help, women's issues, women's health, food/wine/beverage, biography, and sports. Includes query form on each agent's page at website. Fiction including women's fiction and romance (contemporary, "chick lit," romantic, suspense, category, historical).popular fiction; mainstream women's fiction, including inspirational and paranormal women's fiction; romantic suspense and romantic comedies; chick-lit and mommy-lit; contemporary and historical romances; medical, legal and international thrillers; psychological suspense and mysteries; multicultural and ethnic fiction; young adult booksnarrative nonfiction; books related to body, mind and spirit; health and alternative medicine; popular science; investigative journalism; inspirational and religious books; psychology, self-help or how-to; parenting and relationships; gardening; animals and nature; gift books; business; as well as controversial, multi-cultural, women's issues; and any trade nonfiction written by prominent authorities in their fields. [NOTE: Barbara Lowenstein is listed as a principal in both Lowenstein-Morel and Lowenstein-Yost. Include relevant biographical information, and a complete proposal. Nonfiction for twenty-somethings and baby boomers.: Snail mail only. They share the same physical address and submission procedures.] : Snail mail to California office. Fiction, send cover letter with overview, genre, word count, one paragraph bio with previous credits, contact info, whether it is a multiple submission, 1-2 page synopsis, 5-10 pages of manuscript or first chapter, SASE NOT required, they will contact you if they like it. Non-fiction: Query with a one-page concept or overview, table of contents with a chapter by chapter outline with a paragraph about each chapter, a page describing the market (who will buy the book and why), a brief description of your credentials and platform, two or three competing titles and an explanation of how your book is newer, better, or different, a sample chapter from your book, a complete bio, projected length/word count, number and kind of illustrations if any, indicate whether a complete proposal is available and your target date for completing the manuscript, contact info. SASE NOT required, they will contact you if they like it. Nonfiction, auto/biography, body, mind, spirit, business, family/parenting, gift, humor, inspiration, memoir, men's issues, narrative, novelty, poetry, practical, psychology, quotes, reference, relationships, self help, sex/intimacy, spirituality/religion, women's issues. Fiction, adult, fantasy, historical, humor, literary, magical realism, mainstream, middle reader, men's, mystery, romance, science fiction, suspense, thriller, women's, YA. Query letter should include name, date, contact info, and a brief description of the work along with relevant personal information: publications, writing education. iction and serious non-fiction, including health and sexuality, psychology, family and parenting, social issues, nature and environment, journalism, history and biography, memoir, science, self-help and general reference.: Prefers email, contents of which are not mentioned. Include title, premise, length, and a brief paragraph on your background and future goals. queries(at) Electronic submission form. For previously published authors, please also give a brief overview of your career thus far and your goals for the future. Send to queries(at)By mail: fiction, query letter, a one-or-two page synopsis, and the first chapter. Nonfiction, query letter, along with the book proposal. Electronic submission form at adult fiction, especially commercial and literary novels, especially literate suspense thrillers and contemporary novels with bestseller potential. Include a bio showing your background and qualifications, SASE.: Only via e-mail, QUERY in the subject line. Non fiction categories include: narrative adventure, self-help, psychology, environmental issues, nutrition, health, cooking, healing, alternative therapies, music, New Age, science, medicine, reference, biography and inspirational memoirs.: Email. One page query including title, word count and a brief description along with your publishing history. Penelope [email protected] Neil.comnarrative non-fiction, popular science, spirituality, history, biography, pop culture, business and technology, parenting, health, self help, music, and food. Brief overview, your credentials and expertise, the projected market and a brief description of the competition. Include which publishers have already seen your manuscript. Cover letter which, in two or three paragraphs, articulates the key aspects of the book, including theme, style and approach. Fiction; literate thrillers, crime fiction, science fiction and fantasy, military fiction and literary fiction. Fiction: Include short synopsis detailing the beginning, middle, and end of your story and the first 30-40 pages and a half page narrative biography listing any writing credits, publishing history, sales figures, etc., contact info, SASE. Include a brief synopsis of the book and author credentials. Non-fiction: include a half to one page overview of the book; a table of contents listing each chapter and chapter title and sub-title; a one page or so expansion of each chapter of the Table of Contents, describing the contents of each chapter in more detail; a sample chapter or two and a half page narrative biography listing any writing credits, publishing history, sales figures, etc., contact info, SASE.: email or snail mail. query(at)General: mainstream and genre fiction including mysteries and thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, romance, historicals and literature. Include cover letter with the title and category of your work, estimated word count and a brief, general introduction. We are interested in, but extremely selective of, horror and young adult. A horror or young adult author should have previous publishing credits in their genre. Mainstream non-fiction including; business, celebrity biography, computers, current events, health, history, how-to, movies, popular culture, popular reference, popular science, psychology, self-help, and sports. Projects that can be adapted to new media legal thriller with a female protagonist, edgy and/or literary thrillers, adult sf (hard) and fantasy (urban or dark), narrative nonfiction, adventure stories and mouth-watering food and wine writing.: Snail mail first few chapters, a résumé or press clippings, SASE. Specifics to include for book types: adult and YA fiction; first 20 to 30 pages ending at chapter break along with 3 to 5 page synopsis that includes the beginning and ending. For fiction, include synopsis and up to the first ten pages. Nonfiction, send a detailed table of contents including a descriptive narrative of each chapter. For nonfiction, include an outline of the chapters. Email, text only, no attachments to submissions(at)Non-fiction only. " Also: author biography, credentials, platform, marketing plan, competitive analysis, chapter summaries and sample chapter. Including, current affairs, politics, narrative non-fiction, including works in history that shed new light on important events, periods, and individuals, narrative sports, business, Judaica, issues in sexuality, current science explained for lay audiences, literary non-fiction. fiction and nonfiction, from romance novels and commercial women's fiction to cookbooks, lifestyle titles, memoirs, serious nonfiction on religious and spiritual topics, and books for the CBA marketplace. investigative journalism, literary nonfiction, history, biography, memoir, popular culture, science, adventure, art, food, religion, psychology, alternative health, social issues, adult commercial and literary fiction women's fiction, historical novels and literary fiction: Snail mail or email, query letter describing your project, background, and credentials. Nonfiction: health, medical, diet, nutrition, the brain, psychology, self-help, how-to, business, personal finance, memoirs, biography, history, politics, writing books, language, relationships, sex, pop culture, spirituality, gender issues, and parenting. Put “nonfiction query” or “fiction query” or “graphic novel query ” in the subject line followed by the title of your project. NOT magazine articles, e-published or self-published books, general novels, children's books, poetry, short stories, New Age and books contradictory to fundamental Christian beliefs.: email brief query, no attachments. Journalists, historians and critics, who are compelled to engage questions of broad social or cultural consequence, through either the filter of academic perspective, personal experience or historical perspective. Nonfiction: biography, history, true crime, psychology and self-help, health and medicine, parenting, how-to, juvenile nonfiction, sports, business and finance. Individual emails: russellgalen(at), jackscovil(at), or jackscovil(at) Include project description, brief author bio and your credentials No attachments. By snail mail, query letter as described above with SASE. Favorite authors/artists/characters: "The Arabian Nights, The Bible, Cervantes, The Decameron, Edgar Allan Poe, Frankenstein, Gargantua and Pantagruel, Hamlet, The Inferno, Job, King Lear, Lolita, Moby Dick, Notes From the Underground, Othello, Petrarch, Quasimodo, Rostand, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Uruguayan Poets, Victorian novels, The Winter's Tale, XTC, Yeats and Frank Zappa." NOT: popular but trash, vampire, erotic, scifi and fantasy. Romance including historical, contemporary category, contemporary mainstream, suspense, paranormal, regency or inspirational. Nonfiction about real life heroes, prescriptive books, cookbooks, and basically any type of nonfiction by credentialed authors. Nonfiction, send a proposal written in standard format with author's bio, competitive titles, overview, etc. Fiction, send title page stating genre and/or targeted audience with word count, half page author's bio, a synopsis and the first fifty pages of text.non-fiction: popular reference, business, self-help/psychology, humor, biography and current affairs, women's interest, cookbooks, spiritual, multicultural, parenting, anything to do with games, movies, chronologies. : Email only, include "Author Submission" in subject line. Commercial and literary fiction: snail mail, query with "three pages that answer three questions: 1. A complete proposal includes: synopsis, target audience, your professional qualifications, analysis of competitive books, promotional plan, detailed outline/table of contents, one or two sample chapters. submissions(at)twliterary.comfiction: erotica, chick-lit, young adult, children's stories, female-focused fantasy, paranormal, women's fiction, historicals, regencies, westerns, romantic suspense, mystery, thrillers and other fiction genres. Fiction: query letter, first three chapters, synopsis and SASE. Include genre and word count, as well as pertinent writing experience. Non-Fiction: full proposal with word count, a query letter, the first three chapters and a SASE. Fiction: speculative (cross-genre scifi and splatterpunk), dark (thriller, not quite horror), horror (nasties, gore, blood, violence), pagan (anything fiction with a pagan heroine/hero or that centers on paganism). Non-Fiction: esoteric (tarot, magick, witchcraft, etc.), pagan (general pagan works, particularly interested in books on different traditions, etc.), alternative health (if it's not Western Medicine, it'd be here). NOT: poetry, science fiction or fantasy, thrillers or mystery novels, romances, graphic novels, cookbooks, self-help, travel guides, or art books. Please submit a two-page outline of the work and a full author biography. 1603 Italy Cross Rd., Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia B0J 2P0, don(at), shaun(at)la1NOT: genre or commercial fiction. Snail mail or email concise query letter, highlighting past publishing credits and/or referral from published authors/TLA clients. Query letter describing your manuscript, with author bio and writing sample of 5-10 pages for nonfiction and longer fiction; For picture books or poetry, please include bio and ms. Illustrators please send photocopies or prints of your work with bio and list of credits. Non-fiction: Narrative-driven writing on fascinating and culturally relevant topics: politics; gender issues; some types of memoirs; environmental issues; historical narratives; sexuality; and true crime with social implications. Non-fiction: how-to, self-help, education, current affairs, health, psychology, cookbooks, travel books, pop-culture, sports, adventure, true crime, biography and memoir.commercial fiction (thrillers, military, crime fiction and mysteries, young adult), commercial non-fiction (narrative non fiction, memoir, current events, military), literary fiction and pop culture (music, film, etc.).: Email or snail mail. Query letter, include for non-fiction, paragraph about yourself, synopsis, your expertise, previous publishing history, contact info. Fiction: commercial fiction, including thrillers, mysteries, children's, romance, ethnic, and science fiction. For fiction: paragraph about yourself, synopsis, previous publishing history, contact info. Nonfiction: business, management, human resources, and labor law, career issues, personal finance, and self-help, parenting, nature/environment, history, especially U. Civil War, religion/spirituality , sports and recreation, current events/public affairs with a business books, general trade and reference books, business books; especially those targeted at small/medium sized enterprises, inspiring human interest stories, biographies and fiction or non-fiction which expresses a Judeo-Christian worldview. Explain how your experience relates to your project. Information to complete form includes: contact information, type of project, description of book, what is unique about your proposed book? Describe special features, list three or four comparable books and describe how yours is different and better. : Writers House, A Literary Agency, Albert Zuckerman, Amy Berkower, Susan Cohen, Susan Ginsburg, Merrilee Heifetz, Simon Lipskar, Steven Malk, Jodi Reamer, Esq., Michele Rubin, Robin Rue, Daniel Lazar, Rebecca Sherman, Maya Rock, Emily Saladino. Literary and commercial fiction, women's fiction, science fiction/fantasy, narrative non-fiction, history, memoirs, biographies, books on psychology, science, parenting, cookbooks, how-to, self-help, business, finance, young adult and juvenile fiction/non-fiction and picture books. Fiction, stories creating new worlds or recreating the worlds he knows, graphic novels. Non-fiction: memoirs, narrative non-fiction (serious or irreverent), pop-culture, small gifty books and memoirs. middle grade and young adult novelists, especially books with something to say, that bring a laugh, and characters shwoing how confounding and wonderful adolescence can be. Fiction and non-fiction with a sharp concept, strong voice, and, of course, great, transportive writing. Also picture books, children's market, pop-culture. European or international leanings, particularly Italian, British, and Cuban. Also, non-fiction: food, fashion, race/ ethnicity, journalistic and narrative, photography, memoirs, music, travel, sports, popular and cultural histories, biography. query: no more than two pages, including synopsis, your credentials, and an explanation of what makes your book unique and special. Do not query two of their agents at the same time with the same project. Romance of all types (particularly, armchair travel romances with exotic settings, romantic comedies, historical romances, erotica) gay/lesbian genre fiction, young adult (mysteries, contemporary--timely, topical, edgy), science fiction, fantasy, and middle-grade (science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, pirate themes). Picture books by celebrities or established authors. I generally did not include agencies who made the declaration they are not receiving manuscripts at this time. I regret that, mostly because that policy could change and it will be difficult to identify them to add them back to the list. I dropped a couple of agencies where I couldn't find the essential information on their website. Typically this would be a big law firm that handles intellectual property rights and represents authors as literary agents. Other than a brief declaration that they represent authors, I could not find submission procedures, who to send documents to, or what sorts of manuscripts they were seeking. You will note several agencies did not include names of their proprietors. If they were missing more than two of the essentials, I dropped them from the list. These agencies included phrases such as "getting over the stigma of self-publishing." ...
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Professional admission paper editing sites for mba

Entrepreneur & Desner d'expériences (UX), mon objectif est de simplifier les choses et d'améliorer l'expérience utilisateur (UX & UI) pour aider les entreprises et les entrepreneurs à développer des projets qui fonctionnent (produits, applications, sites web,...). Looking for experts to help brainstorm and edit your college application essays? Want alumni from Harvard, Cornell & Columbia to shape your resume, recommendations and essays?
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Environmental studies writer for hire

Biology majors may look forward to becoming Biologists; Environmental Engineering majors are likely to become Environmental Engineers; students with a Marine Science education will often work as Marine Scientists. So, what do those who earn an Environmental Studies degree become? In this article, recent ES graduate Carol Ru writes about her passion for healing the Earth which led her to pursue an environmental education and career. Freelancers make up a b segment of SEJ's membership. The work is a tricky mixture of contract negotiation, copyrht issues, time management and story-selling.
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