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Cazare - Hotel Belvedere - Cazare Piatra Nea Le groupe de transport Norbert Dentressangle, qui a subi mercredi des perquisitions dans quatre sites dans le cadre d'une enquête vraisemblablement liée à du travail dissimulé, se défend. Dans une mise au point, elle explique qu'elle respecte scrupuleusement les lois nationales. L'entreprise est soupçonnée d'avoir fait travailler des chauffeurs routiers venus des pays de l'Est (Pologne et Roumanie, notamment), qu'elle paie donc moins cher que leurs collègues français. "Une pratique courante", concède un syndicaliste invité jeudi dans "RTL Midi". Quatre site du groupe Norbert Dentressangle ont été le théâtre de perquisitions mercredi : Sevrey (Saône-et-Loire), de Chambéry (Savoie), Saint-Rambert-d'Albon (Drôme) et Semécourt (Moselle). Une information confirmée par la direction, qui compte 33.000 salariés dans le monde, dont 15.000 en France. Pour une personne morale, l'amende encourue en cas de travail dissimulé peut se monter à 225.000 euros. Zen’to effectue une étude sur le monde du transport et la réduction des émissions de CO2. Le but de cette étude étant de mesurer les engagements des entreprises et de trouver des pistes d’amélioration à l’ensemble du secteur. Acceptez de consacrer quelques minutes à cette étude en ligne en cliquant sur le lien suivant : Attention, pénurie de chauffeurs routiers. D'ici à 2014, les Pays de la Loire devraient enregistrer 3 500 départs à la retraite. Rien qu'en Vendée, il faut recruter 500 conducteurs routiers par an. Pour pallier à cette carence, une nouvelle formation en alternance sera lancée au printemps. Cheap papers proofreading website ca top reflective essay ghostwriters. uk esl biography writers website professional admission paper editing sites for. usa popular critical analysis essay writer sites for mba popular cv ghostwriting for hire.

Academic It’s been an amazing year and we can’t wait to wrap up 2017 with a grand celebration with our pop up family! We’re hosting this year’s event at a new venue and of course we’re bringing an entirely new menu! Well, there may be a return of a couple popular dishes… We will roll out more information in the upcoming weeks. We are very excited about this year’s Holiday Menu. As always, our goal is to wow your guests, and create unforgettable dining experiences. And enter the holiday season with one less thing on your To Do List! To place orders call 872-818-5368 or email us at [email protected] Mains Fried Jerk Capon (7.5 – 9lbs) – Fried Turkey (10-13lbs) – Sweet Tea Brined Roasted Turkey (10-14lbs) – Herb Turkey Breast Roulade (4lbs) – Pancetta Turkey Breast Roulade (4lbs) – Garlic & Clementine Turkey Breast Roulade (4lbs) – Sauvignon Blanc Braised Turkey Thighs – per person Balsamic & Brown Sugar Game Hens – each Duck Confit with Root Vegetables – per person Duck Confit Stuffed Sweet Bell Peppers – each Turducken Bolognese Lasagna with Truffles – Maple & Whiskey Brined Pork Loin with Whiskey Braised Apples (serves 8 ) – more… The Food You Want, Delivered To Your Door Wow, this Summer was so nice, AND SHORT! And we wouldn’t want you to develop any bad tasting food habits, since the vacations are done and the kids are back in school. The silver lining is that it’s so easy to still have great tasting food delivered to you. Let’s face it, YOU are a busy person that likes REALLY good food, right? If so, our “Weekly Meal Delivery Service” was designed just for you. Email us at [email protected] give us a call at 872-818-5368 to get started. Here’s how it works, you choose all the dishes you want for the week, and we handle the rest. When you email your order, we will verify any dietary restrictions and set up a time for drop off. Here’s the full menu and a couple testimonies from our customers: A Tale of Two Chefs Weekly Meals Menu Options presented by Chef Julius “Chef Julius’ drop off service is extremely convenient, especially in the winter months. It’s like having a fine dining experience delivered right to your doorstep. I also love that the portions are large enough to share and are at an affordable price.” T., Television Producer“For ten years Chef Julius has consistently provided amazing food. Whether it’s a Shonda night treat for myself, dinner for my family, catering for a special event or an amazing night out at a popup. I am always wowed by his new creations and comforted by my old favorites.” K., Educator Chicken/Poultry Chicken Tinga Tacos (3)/Kitchen Rice/Charred Peppers/Tequila Lime Slaw – Chicken Tikka Masala/Herb Cous Cous/Fig Compote – Chicken Piccata or Chicken Vesuvio/Caesar Salad – Sweet & Spicy Grilled Chicken Wings/Thai Grilled Corn/Broccoli – Pan Roasted Chicken with Potatoes/Sauteed Spinach, Kale or Cabbage – Grilled Chicken/Ginger Rice/Hoisin Glazed Green Beans or Pea Pods – Your Favorite Chicken Burger/Quinoa/Charred Orange/Spicy Slaw – Duck Confit Carnitas with Heirloom Carrots/Arugula Salad – Seafood Salmon (8 Ways)/ Roasted Potatoes/Sauteed Spinach, Kale or Cabbage – Blackened or Broiled Salmon/Muffuletta Salad/Sautéed Cabbage – (pictured above) Grilled Shrimp/Ginger Rice/Hoisin Glazed Green Beans or Pea Pods – Coconut Crusted Shrimp/Rice/Ginger Bok Choy – New Orleans BBQ SHRIMP & Truffle Grits – more… Let me start by saying that I don’t remember the last time I did a website/blogpost that wasn’t about our next menu or event. What’s slightly weird about that, is I truly enjoy writing. For those that don’t believe me, just ask Jada, Terry, Nick, Latice, Kesha or Cherie…#deyknow. I also encourage and help writers that reach out to me on how to translate their narrative. I will be the first to admit that when it comes to writing recipes, I often hesitate. I am well aware that most of my social media posts deal with #foodandwine, #truffles, #music, #prince, #trapmusic, #rooftops, #Kanye, anti-#turkeybacon rants, going to the market, #paris, #chile, #NOLA, #barbecue or #popups. I’m sure there are more subjects but this post can’t be too long, you have other things to do. My primary reason for this post is because I just want to take some time to recognize my hometown…#CHICAGO. There are some that would say this is a pitch, straight down the pipe, #whateverman. This summer has given me the opportunity to see my city in an even better light. Let me state that I am not looking at my city through #champagne filled glasses. We have our issues but so much of the energy within this city is strong and incredible. There is a fearlessness about Chicagoans and we will take chances ANYWHERE! I love the fact that from every industry of importance, we have greatness. And when you ask us where we are from, it’s like #clarkkent tearing open his suit to become #superman. We don’t just stop at our beloved city, it’s a must that we let you know which side. Which is of major importance because of sports, pizza, barbecue and chicken. It’s for these reasons and more why I say THANK YOU CHICAGO. I thank you for the daily support that you have shown me, my business and my team. In addition to that, your inspiration has served as a MAJOR platform for me to work and inspire others. You have shown me true evidence that greatness is measured by how much YOU give back, support and share. For every level that we attain, we have our eye on the next one. I thank you for fueling the desire to get better EVERYDAY at my craft…with NO APOLOGIES. Working hard is our #dna and the world already knows it. And for the short season of summer that we get every year, we are the most beautiful stage in the theater of the world. Here are a few “Chitown at its Finest” Summer Highlights: Hey, hey we’re heading back to the Taste of Chicago next Thursday, July 6th at pm to whip up some yummy South American fare! I don’t get to hang out with you as much as I would love to. We absolutely LOVE hanging out at the Lifeway Foods Taste Kitchen and as always we plan to provide a fun experience and great giveaways. That doesn’t stop me from acknowledging your road to greatness. JOIN US at the demo tent just north of Buckingham Fountain. You do so much to change the dark stories told to the public for ratings. Chef Julius Russell’s Pop-Up Restaurant Experience Returns this summer with a next-level menu at a private roof location. Chef Julius and team will spend 8 weeks developing an 8 course Soulful Nu American menu that blends the haute cuisine with high culture. The first preview released features dishes from the appetizer service, which includes Duck Confit Tacos, Pollo Moruno Sausage with custom Mustard & Scallions, and the “New Classic” Chicken Burger, a complex spice blend new to the chef’s kitchen. As with each pop-up, the curated wine pairings amplify the experience. After the menu is finalized, the chosen varietals from the top regions of the world are perfectly matched to enhance each dish. Chef’s goal for the 1st pop-up of the year is to deliver the very best of what the season has to offer. Today we’re stopping by Fox 32 Chicago @ pm to create a few New Creative Burgers! We’re in burger season, and we’ve developed a few recipes to help kick off your summer right! #The Food You Want #ATaleof2Chefs The BEST Turkey Burger That YOU Have Ever Made 1lb ground turkey (85/15) 2tsp Garlic Olive Oil 2tsp Chef Julius Salt Blend 2tsp Chef Julius Pepper Blend; plus 3tsp for cooking process 2tsp Chef Julius Creole Dust 2tsp Asian Chili Garlic Sauce 1 egg (beaten) ½ cup – ¾ cup breadcrumbs 1 cup Tomato & White Sultana Chutney 2tsp hot sauce 12 spicy pickles 4 buns (toasted with olive oil or butter) Cheese (optional) 2 plastic gloves 1 meat thermometer Directions: On a BBQ grill or a grill pan, get the temperature VERY HOT. In addition to a chicken and a beef burger, Chef Julius will prepare what he considers to be “the absolute best turkey burger you can ever make”. Depending on your equipment, this will take 5 to 20 minutes. While this is happening, mix all the ingredients (except for the olive oil and 3tsp of the pepper) Mix gently and form into 4 patties…let rest Brush pan/grill with half of the olive oil Place the patties onto the hot grill/pan…Be sure to not move the burger until the protein has separated from the surface. This will take a minimum of 4 min or as long as 7 minutes. DO NOT disturb until the burger reaches 165* degrees. Place on Toasted Buns with the spicy pickles, cheese and your favorite garnishes… after that, INDULGE in the BEST TURKEY BURGER that YOU have EVER made! ***You can avoid the bun and place this burger in a Lettuce Wrap, to avoid the carbs It’s SUPERBOWL time again! If you are providing a dish for a party or hosting a gathering, don’t get stuck doing all of the work. Let our team provide dishes that everyone will love. Check out our curated menu – its short but packs a punch. Deliveries can be scheduled for Saturday, February 4th through Superbowl Sunday at 3pm. Give us a call, place your order and relax, we have you covered for the BIG GAME! -Chef Julius Meat, Chicken & Seafood Sweet & Spicy Baby Back Ribs Chipotle BBQ Ribs Asian Ginger & Soy Glazed BBQ Ribs (8-10 bone racks) per slab Slow Smoked Pulled Pork per lb, makes 8-10 mini sandwiches…Pickles & slaw included Texas BBQ Beef (Shredded) per lb, makes 8-10 mini sandwiches…mustard & pickles included Party Wings – Creole Dusted/Herb Rubbed/Caribbean BBQ (Packages start at per person) Chicken Cubano serves 10 (Boneless thighs marinated in rum, spices, orange, lemon and lime juices. Grilled and slow roasted New Orleans BBQ Shrimp (shell on) (1/2 pan) (full pan) Whole Roasted Side of Salmon ea (8 choices) ask for details Sliders and Such… Cajun Turkey Mediterranean Lamb Buffalo Chicken Angus Beef Beef Hot Sausage Mini Po’Boy *All sliders are .50 each and come with Toasted Buns, lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes. Your choice of Horseradish Garlic Aioli, Chef Julius’ Mustard or Spicy Ketchup Chili Turkey with Black Beans White Chicken Chili Southwestern Green Chiles Chicken per person Lamb Lollipops with Dirty Rice .50 each Duck Confit Tamales each Chicken or Seafood Gumbo with Rice / per person Chilean Ceviche with Merken & Sweet Peppers – per lb Crab & Quinoa Salad – per lb Italian Pasta Salad with Salmon or Shrimp – per lb Sautéed Island Style Corn Fingerling Potatoes with Duck Bacon BBQ Baked Beans with Duck Bacon, Garlic & Leeks Chicken Sausage Jambalaya Cuban Black Beans & Rice Haricot Vert (French Green Beans) with Tomato, Truffle & Lemon Zest We are pleased to present our Winter Catering Menu, available December 19th – March 1st. To place orders call 872-818-5368 or email us at [email protected] Appetizers | Salads | Soups | Sides | Poultry | Meats | Seafood | Chef Tiki’s Favorites Manchego & Chorizo Empanadas with Fire Roasted Salsa – Chicken Satay with Mango Pepper Sauce – Chef Maurice Smoked Ginger Chicken Wings - Roasted Drumettes with Smokey Mustard Dipping Sauce – Cherrywood Smoked Bacon Wrapped Dates with Asiago – Duck Rillettes with Crostini – Heirloom Bruschetta with Crisps – Lump Crab Salad w/Avocado Lemonaise on Crostini – Roasted Fig Jam with Port Salut on Crostini – “Very Corny” Cornbread Bites – Handmade Sausage (Cajun Brats, Duck, Jerk, Curry Brat, Saucisse Mautorde) – Open Face Empanadas (lamb, beef, duck, chicken, vegetarian) – SALADS Rainbow Romaine with Pomegranate Raspberry Vinaigrette – Monte Carlo Salad with Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette – Spinach Salad with Champagne Shallot Vinaigrette - Julius Caesar Salad with Chipotle Caesar Dressing - SOUPS Pepper Pot Soup with Fennel Pollen – Carrot and Ginger Soup with Vanilla Chantilly Cream – Miso Soup with Shrimp & Lemongrass – Soba Noodles with Scallion, Vegetables & Ginger – Turkey Chili – Creole Chicken Noodle Soup with Handmade Andouille Sausage – Bisque: Lobster, Sweet Pepper, Carrot, Squash, Lentil and Creole Shrimp – -22 SIDES Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Potatoes – Truffle Mashed Potatoes – Lobster Mashed Potatoes – Louisiana Dirty Rice – Adobo Black Beans & Rice – Southwestern Style Corn – Roasted Root Vegetables – Chef Tiki’s Rubbed Vegetables – Greens with Smoked Turkey – POULTRY Supreme Stuffed Chicken with Tarragon Butter – per Chicken Antigua Rum Braised Chicken – Slow Roasted Savory Chicken – Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic – French Roasted Chicken with Champagne Sauce – Veal Scallops with Hazelnut Butter Sauce (onsite) – Jerk Ribeye Steak (prepared onsite) – Reg (), Kobe () 5 Pepper Hangar Steak with Tomatillo, Bell Pepper and Garlic Sauce – Caribbean Glazed Pork Loin with Mango Relish – Grilled Berkshire/Duroc Pork Chop with Cherry BBQ Sauce – Lemon Curry Salmon with Truffle Honey Drizzle – Cedar Plank Salmon with Mango and Cilantro – Pan Roasted Halibut with Preserved Meyer Lemons – Artic char with Provencal Vegetables – Lousiana BBQ Shrimp – CHEF TIKI’S FAVORITES Mango Jerk Chicken – leg & thigh, wing & breast Gumbo – – 30 (depending on the type, ask the chef) Jambalaya – -16 Duck Confit Etouffe – Lump Crab Cakes with Lemonaise Remoulade – Grilled Snapper with Pomegranate Mango Chipotle Sauce – Filet of Salmon with Sweet & Sour Smokey Mustard Sauce – Szechwan Peppercorn Pork Loin with Baby Bok Choy & Soy Reduction – Sherry Braised Chicken – To place orders call 872-818-5368 or email us at [email protected] AdvancedWriters is the ultimate academic custom essay writing service that will help you cope with unending flow of homework assnments whatever they are a term.

Marion County Park and Lake - Top So you’ve made the decision to insulate your loft, walls and have changed to Solar Power, a choice that will save you money and help to protect the environment by providing free energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Not only will energy efficient glazing keep you warmer by minimising heat loss, it will also save you money by protecting your investment. If you are going to be heating your home with your free solar energy, why not retain the heat within your home by installing A rated u PVC windows and composite doors? You’ve insulated your loft, now insulate your windows… Window energy ratings are calculated taking into consideration a range of variables including heat loss, air leakage and solar gain. 1) Heat loss – Heat loss is the amount of energy that is able to escape from your home through both conduction and radiation. 2) Air leakage – this is the measurement of how much air your windows are allowing to leak from your home, taking with it heat energy 3) Solar gain is the measure of how much of the sun’s natural heat energy is allowed to enter your home, therefore allowing your home to gain free heat energy, thus reducing the need for additional heat sources during daytime hours. These factors are tested by the BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council) and a window is allocated a window energy rating which is an indication of how efficient the window’s performance is when used with a particular glazing specification. u PVC windows are rated from G up to A rating; A being the highest performing windows and G being the least energy efficient. Heat loss is quantified as a u-value and is measured in k W loss per m2 of window area per year, the lower the u-value the more efficient your windows will be. Here is a brief history of u-values over the decades an how u-values have improved: High quality u PVC windows and composite doors are designed to minimise heat loss by combining a range of design factors. These are explained here 1) Multi-chambered extrusions – The multi-chambered design of our u PVC case frames and opening sashes means that there are several air gaps protecting the internal warm air from the external temperatures, this vastly reduces conduction as air is a highly effective insulator. 2) Double and Triple glazing – Either 28mm double glazing or 36mm triple glazing can be used as glass units, these provide air gaps inside of the sealed glass units that are argon gas filled. This dense, inert gas is used in place of air, the denser the gas, the better it will perform as an insulator. Argon is 4x denser than air and mush more stable, providing a large layer of insulation between the cold external glass pane and the warm internal pane. This both reduces heat loss and stops convection of cold air around the glass, thus stopping draughts. 3) Thermal Spacer Bars – Separating the panes of glass are spacer bars, traditionally made from hollow aluminium to house desiccant, these would conduct cold from the external pane of glass and reduce the temperature of the internal glass pane, leading to cold spots. This can be seen by condensation forming around the perimeter of the glass on cold days. To combat this a new composite material is used which does not conduct the cold, this is known as Warm Edge spacer bars, usually coloured black to make them less obtrusive. 4) Low Emissivity Glass (low-e glass) is a term that describes glass that has thermally efficient coatings to reflect heat radiation, this stops the vast majority of heat from escaping, thus reducing heat loss. Several forms of low-e glass are available, the most efficient of which is ‘soft-coat’ low-e glass such as Saint-Gobain Planitherm glass. 5) Thermal reinforcement has now replaced steel and aluminium frame reinforcement, this is again acts to reduce the conduction of cold which leads to heat loss. Thermal frame reinforcement is far more thermally efficient than metal reinforcement while retaining the strength. u PVC casement windows are designed to be as air-tight as possible. There have been several generations of u PVC window extrusions, starting in the late 1980’s, the profiles are continually being redeveloped as new technologies are introduced that can increase the performance concerning air leakage and thermal insulation. 1) Dual elastin gaskets and weather seals are used in the extrusion of only the best quality u PVc profiles. Elastin is a material that will not shrink and deteriorate over time like traditional gasket materials such as neoprene. 2) The co-extrusion of such gaskets means that the gaskets are extruded in situ as the u PVC profiles are extruded. This means that the gaskets are part of the frame extrusion rather than being pulled though after, this ensures a consistent seal on opening window sashes. 3) Windows with fully reinforced window case frames and opening sashes will suffer far less expansion and contraction than windows that do not have reinforcement during extreme temperatures. Reinforcement ensures that large profiles will not bow or twist which can lead to the weather seals and gaskets not making a consistent seal with the frames, this therefore minimises air leakage and maximises energy efficiency. 4) Windows that are both surveyed and fitted by experienced windows fitters will have a much better seal, using only the best materials to seal the frames in the brickwork apertures ensures that no air can leak around the parameter of the frames. Solar gain is referred to as g-value (gain value), this measures the solar heat energy that is able to pass through a glass sealed unit into a property. The solar gain reduces the need for domestic heat sources such as radiators while the low heat loss of the windows means that the heat is not lost. 1) Low-iron low-e glass is used on the external glass pane of a double or triple glazed unit, this allows heat waves to pass more freely into the property while still blocking harmful uv radiation and keeping the maximum light to pass through the glass. The cost of replacement u PVC windows depends on the number of windows as well as the size and opening configurations. Some properties may be limited on the opening configurations to comply with FENSA regulations for fire escape. Some example prices are shown below, there are no hidden extras but no building works are included in the below prices such as rendering or lintel alterations, both of which are no usually required. You can of course personalise your installation with decorative glazing options, bespoke window colours, etc; these options can be priced separately. Energy Efficient Windows Doncaster | Window Energy Ratings Doncaster Welcome to our post on A Rated glass, the latest addition to the window energy rating (WER) energy efficiency scale for u PVC windows. Below we explain the difference between an A-Rated window and an A Rated u PVC window. Contact us for more information on our high quality trade u PVC Windows and Doors. The window energy rating for u PVC windows is calculated on a scale from A-E much like electrical appliances that you may find in your home, the only difference is the way in which the rating is measured. For u PVC windows a range of factors will alter the rating including heat gain (g-value), thermal loss (u-value), air leakage and thermal conduction. In 2013 the BFRC announced the latest criteria for window energy ratings, recognising A rated windows. The change came to help consumers as there was a vast difference in performance in A-rated windows. A rated windows will typically gain heat to a property rather than lose heat by having a low u-value, meaning that they retain the internal thermal energy and will also gain heat through solar energy by using low-iron low-e coatings. An A rated u PVC window can be achieved in many formats, typically a thermal outer frame and thermally reinforced opening sashes will be used as well as warm edge spacer bars within the glass units. Then a high performance glass will be specified, for double glazed units a double soft coat low-e glass unit configuration will achieve an overall A rating. Triple glazing can also be used to further reduce the u-value of a window and increase the thermal properties of the window installation. At AWM Windows we manufacture high quality u PVC windows and supply to the trade and public in England, Wales and Scotland. Contact us for more information or call us for an official supply quotation. u PVC Sash Windows are easily priced due to the simple design of the sash window. Unlike other styles of upvc windows such as casement and tilt and turn windows, sash windows only have one design. All upvc sash windows are vertical sliders, both the top and bottom panes are able to slide independantly of one another, also each sliding sash can tilt internally to allow cleaning from the inside, eliminating the need for a window cleaner. The maximum and minimum sizes for u PVC sash windows are as follows: When sash windows over 1750mm width are required the location must be split into 2 or more sliding sash windows by use of an aluminium coupler. This increases the price of the sash window but also allows independent opening of the individual sashes. When the lower glass pane of the sash window is below 800m from internal floor height toughened safety glass is required to comply with building regulations for glass safety. Toughened safety glass increases the price of the glass by 20 pounds per square meter over standard low-e glass. Specifying a level of high performance glass can affect the price of your new upvc sash windows, the lower the u-value the more expensive the glass. At AWM we recommend specifying the best glass possible; this is more of a long term investment but it helps to keep you comfortable during the Winter months and cooler in the Summer months. Choosing A-rated sash windows over C-rated will add anywhere between £15-30 per square meter of glass area. Our trade and diy price lists shows sash window prices and optional extras should you wish to specify upgrades such as: The latest craze in the u PVC window industry are Grey and Black u PVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories. The contempory design compliments many period properties. There are also 32 other colour designs to choose from; visit our Many people are worried that Black u PVC Windows will cost much more than standard u PVC colour options such as Mahogany and Rosewood. However black u PVC only costs on average 10% more to manufacture than other foiled pvc colours. The only potential downside to ordering black windows is the extended lead time which can increase the wait for your new windows by up to 4 weeks over standard coloured windows. The majority of people with old double glazing will suffer from damp windows. This post offers tips and guidance to reduce and even eliminate damp in your residential property arising from your windows and doors. The buildup of moisture on glass is due to water condensing on your glazing when the moisture in the air hits the cold glass when the glass temperature is below 2 degrees centigrade; this temperature is know as due point. With inefficient double glazing and single glazing it is tricky to stop this problem as the glass does not catch any of the heat energy from the property. Energy efficient double glazing stops the heat energy from escaping through the glass and therefore increases the interior glass temperature. The moisture in the air no longer condenses on the glass. We recommend a full replacement of new u PVC windows and double glazing in order to completely eliminate damp problems arising from excessive condensation in domestic properties. In stopping the heat escaping from your residential property the glass interior surfaces temperature will increase past the point at which water condenses. W recommend installing replacement double glazing with an overall u-value of no greater than 1.2u. To further increase the effectiveness of replacement windows, triple glazing can be used to further reduce the u-value to as little as 0.5. Assuming that the heating source in the property is active once a day there should be no risk of internal condensation after taking these steps. Visit our Website: Energy Efficient Windows NB: Always ensure that there is no active generator of moisture within the property such as an unsealed immersion heater that is not controlled by a thermostat. In cases such as this the source of the moisture much be adressed before taking any other steps to reduce damp. Trickle vents can be used to improve the air flow around a u PVC window in order to reduce the amount of condensation that is caused by inefficient double glazing and single glazing. This can reduce the amount of damp that arises from excessive condensation; however you must be certain that the condensation is due to lack of ventilation and not the aforementioned energy efficiency. The simple answer is that it never seems like the right time to replace a door; they are an expensive item and we can always think of a better use for the money; however there are many reasons why you should ‘bite the bullet’ and replace them sooner than you would have liked. When is it ever a good time to replace a door on your family home? Many forms of wooden, aluminium and pvc doors are easy to break in to; it is only in the past 2 years that residential door security has progressed to a much higher standard. Up until around 5 years ago the preferred method of break ins was through a window or a weak wooden door. In recent years most people have changed to u PVC windows and doors which offer greater security benefits, these doors use Euro Cylinder locks. It is now widely regarded that the cylinder lock is potentially the weakest point of a door and is very easy to break into; this is why we recommend installing anti-snap cylinder locks which protect against the following: At AWM we are more than happy to meet you in your Doncaster property in order to explain and demonstrate the differences between the conservatory roof glass specifications. You can call us for advice if you are looking for any of the following services in Doncaster: Composite doors are one of the fastest growing products in home improvements, this is mainly due to the aesthetic improvements that are achieved by installing composite doors rather than upvc doors in Sheffield. The fibreglass mound resembles a true woodgrain effect and composite doors are available in 12 different colour combinations with 4 glass design options. GRP composite doors are constructed from a fibreglass mould and an HDF core; this means that composite doors are not only better looking than upvc doors but also much more energy efficient when compared with upvc doors. Composite doors will become a requirement for new build properties in Sheffield due to the proposed change in building regulations concerning the installation of entrance doors. At AWM our triple glazed GRP composite doors achieve a u-value of 1.2, this is a market leading efficiency for external entrance doors. GRP composite doors are also highly secure when compared to standard residential doors. Sheffield and South Yorkshire are known for high crime rates, therefore it is advised to install either a composite door or a high security upvc door. Fully reinforced door case frames and Anti-snap cylinder locks are also advised to minimise the risk of forced entry into your property in Sheffield. Composite doors are not only better looking, safer and more energy efficient than upvc doors; they also last longer than upvc entrance doors. A GRP composite door is predicted to last a minimum of 30 years compared to 20-25 years for upvc residential doors. Visit our composite door page of our website for more informatio: AWM Composite Doors Sheffield At AWM windows and doors of Sheffield we manufacture and install our composite doors to order. We are happy to visit your property in Sheffield or within a 50 mile radius of Sheffield to offer some advice. At AWM conservatories we aim to share our experience with homeowners in Sheffield who are considering a new upvc conservatory. Many conservatory companies in Sheffield will give little or no thought to the local ground conditions in the area which can make a significant impact on both the structural and practical implications of constructing a new conservatory. Construction of a conservatory base is by far the most crucial step in the installation of upvc conservatories or porches; in Sheffield, if built correctly the masonry and concrete in a conservatory base will last for over a hundred years where as the windows and roof may need to be replaced. Therefore it is important to ensure that it is constructed to the correct standards for the recommended ground conditions in Sheffield. As conservatories in Sheffield are not classified under building regulations, therefore there are no regulations for companies to follow for conservatory bases. At AWM Yorkshire conservatories we recommend constructing deep concrete strip footings around 600mm minimum in depth and 50mm in width to take the weight of a high quality conservatory. In certain areas of Sheffield it is necessary to dig much deeper to ensure there will be no future base movement. Sheffield is subject to regular adverse weather conditions including extreme cold which can cause damage to conservatories if engineering bricks are not installed beneath the house damp course. Engineering bricks ensure that water does not soak into the damp course and expand when external temperatures drop below freezing. It is also advised to install high quality conservatory floor insulation under the concrete floor to ensure that the floor temperature remains warm in the Yorkshire Winter months. In recent decades domestic break-ins have become far more common than say 40 years ago. It is essential to install a high quality damp proof membrane in the conservatory base between the compacted hard-core and concrete. No longer can one leave the door open for the neighbors to ‘pop in to borrow a cup of sugar’; but is locking the door even enough? Many people believe that upvc doors are ‘safe as houses’; this is not always true. Our security depends on how determined someone is to force entry into a dwelling and how much noise they can afford to make in the process. In fact some experienced criminals are able to enter a property in under 25 seconds without leaving any sign of forced entry. This can be done by upvc door lock ‘bumping’ and ‘snapping’ of the cylinder locks. At AWM upvc windows in Sheffield we recommend making every possible step to increase the security of your new or existing upvc windows and doors; including high security cylinder locks; reinforced window friction stays, security glass and reinforced window frames. Retro-fitting these items can be a costly process, however if you are considering buying new upvc windows in Sheffield it is advisable to take these steps as the windows are being made. We strongly advise people to invest in the latest in cylinder lock technology, the Yale Anti-Snap cylinder lock. this lock is the only 5-star cylinder lock on the UK market and makes forced entry through upvc doors almost impossible. It works by breaking off an allocated section of the lock should someone try to snap the whole cylinder lock in half; this means that your PVC doors in Sheffield will remain locked and the remainder of the lock cylinder will be hidden inside the upvc door profile. You will still be able to use your key until the locks are replaced. The Yale Anti-Snap cylinder lock also has opposing lock pins which means that the lock cannot be bumped using a bump key; another common way that people can enter your home! At AWM we are happy to replace your existing cylinder locks or provide you with a quotation for a complete window and door replacement in Sheffield and surrounding areas of South Yorkshire; call us for prices or read more about upvc windows and doors at out website… AWM Windows, Doors & Conservatories Sheffield Also read our sections on laminated security glass and window locking systems. Buy Top Rated Essay Writing Service here and learn how to make your academic life easier. Hire/Pay a genius to solve all your math Top Rated Essay Writing Service.

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